Sen. Art. Mag. Arch.

Lukas Allner is an architect and researcher. Since 2020, together with Prof. Karin Raith, he works on implementing Circular Strategies as a field in teaching and research at the IoA, addressing the viable use of resources in architecture.

As part of the research project Conceptual Joining, funded by the PEEK program of the Austrian Science Fund FWF, he has been working on experimental approaches to wood construction.

In professional practice, research, and teaching he is interested in given conditions as a basis and inspiration for architecture. Existing buildings, material constraints, and the ambivalent state of design studies are understood as incentives for a design method working with interpretation and translation. Directed towards forming open structures, designed for change, this process can lead to a circular model.


He studied Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart and at the Angewandte, graduating from Studio Prix in 2010 with distinction.

He received the MAK-Schindler scholarship and the TISCHE grant.

In addition to working with international practices in Shanghai and Vienna, he was teaching at different Universities, among others, at the Welsh School of Architecture and at the University of Innsbruck.

Research Projects

Conceptual Joining

Karin Raith (mentor), Anja Jonkhans (mentor), Lukas Allner (researcher)