Sen. Art. Dipl. arch. MArch.


Anja Jonkhans is working and teaching in Vienna. She received her Diploma and Masters degree in architecture from the Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL), London, where she was awarded several scholarships. Having worked for – amongst others – Alsop Architects and Grimshaw Architects in London, she was founding partner of Spacelab/UK with Peter Cook, Colin Fournier and Niels Jonkhans for the Kunsthaus Graz museum. Before teaching at the Angewandte she held a position as an assistant professor at the TU Graz. Currently she is coordinator of the Angewandte within the shared research-training network Innochain. Innochain is a EU funded research project. Assembling 6 internationally recognized academic research environments and 14 innovation pioneering industry partners, the program establishes a shared training platform for 15 early stage researchers.



Research Projects

Conceptual Joining

Karin Raith (mentor), Anja Jonkhans (mentor), Lukas Allner (researcher)


Anja Jonkhans (Coordinator)


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Anja Jonkhans
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Anja Jonkhans
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