for Industrial Design
Winter term, VUE, 2 semester hours, 2 ECTS, Anja Jonkhans

Base Angewandte


Theoretical knowledge is taught about set up of plans, building regulations and architectural standards and is then applied in two full-day workshops.



Course Outcomes


Meditation capsule

Matei Turban

Misleading Pavilion

Kyryll Dmytrenko (Course: Raum und Konstruktion/ Space and Construction + Plandarstellung)

Mountain Lookout

by Industrial Design student Aurel Somlyódy


Jade Bailey

Liebeslaube / Love Nest

a project by Industrial Design student Iuna Mateus

Buoy: love nest

a project by Industrial Design student Nikolaus Schwarz

Bivouac box

a project by Industrial Design students Desiree Heusl & Julia Obermueller