Summer term, SE, 2 semester hours, 3 ECTS, Petra Gruber

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The course Biodesign combines an introduction into biodesign/biomimicry/biomimetics with a design project, using nature as a model for creating innovative solutions.

  • The lecture part contains an introduction into the history, terminology, methodologies and different research fields and activities, including basic principles of design in nature, biological structures and materials, and ecological aspects.
  • The design part is a research-based development that takes on nature to inform an innovative project. For this part independent student work in research and design is required. The selection of the thematic area, research, abstraction, and application to a design context is carried out in continuous interaction and feedback involving external sources and experts.
  • The course outcomes are thematic presentations of specific research themes in nature and a design project presentation including graphics, digital and analog models.