METAir: Vertical Air Mobility

Kyryll Dmytrenko
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The METAir – is a new vertical mobility system of transportations.


The Vertical mobility represents the new era of transportations for humankind. To proof the idea we thought on a future scenario for the Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) and also proposed to extend the project beyond the boundaries of airport site – to the streets of Paris itself. Thus we came up with two different but related scales of the project – AIRSTATION, which operates as an urban mobility within the Paris. And AIRNODE – the substantial modernization of CDG.


In order to integrate AIRSTATION into the city fabric we needed solution both compact and elegant with no compromises on function. Seeking for this qualities we referred to natural ability of pinecone to decrease in size. We found parallels in their functions: Pinecone keeps the seeds for a proper moment to disperse them, Vertiport keeps the drones until the user calls it. So when drone is needed the structure opens, otherwise it stays closed and visual mass of structure is reduced as much as possible.


The Module of the AIRSTATION was taken as a Building Construction project. You can see the drawings below.


Studio Hani Rashid, SS21

Project by Kyryll Dmytrenko and Zhiyi Zhang


Full project:

Vertical Air Mobility – METAir on Behance