Angewandte Decks

Mona Abusamra (ID1), Flora Mercedes Goidinger, Charlotte Heller, Lydia Hinteregger, Magdalena Kernegger (IKK.K), Joyce Lee (IoA, Studio Lynn), Wolfgang Miksits (IKK.K), Yeeun Namkoong (Transmediale Kunst), Peter Schlager, Stephanie Sentall, Sophia Widmann, Nima Zibaandam Radi, Michalina Zadykowicz (IKK.K) and Veronika Ziller (IKK.K), Jasmit Hof, Ludwig Bachmann (ID1)

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The project idea emerged in 2019 in discussions between the “Conceptual Joining” project team and the “Angewandte Festival”. In 2020 ideas, feedback and visions from university members were collected in an open process. Over three semesters with participants from various departments of the university, a collective design was created in a hybrid mode across times of lockdown and presence mode, led by Philipp Reinsberg (STUDIO HOLZ – Institute for Art Studies, Art Education and Art Education (DAE / DEX)) and Lukas Allner (Circular Strategies). First ideas were further developed and eventually realized by a constantly changing team of many participants. The project was developed from within the university, thereby designing and materializing a social infrastructure in a participatory process.

The partially indeterminate functionality of the structures challenges multi-layered possibilities of usability and activities that can be constantly reimagined and reinvented.

The structure is designed for disassembly, with members joined by screws and bolts. The three decks are made from different wood types with distinct properties, each selected for specific functions. The construction rests on robinia piles without foundation, which support CNC-milled pine beams and a layer of boards and squared timbers from larch.