The Making of
H36, a monolithic insulating concrete house, Stuttgart
Matthias Bauer

14/11/2019, 7PM
Die Angewandte, Oskar Kokoschka Pl. 2, 1010 Wien, Seminarraum 21

House 36 is a crystalline volume of exposed concrete. Both the walls and the roof are made of monolithic insulating concrete and combine the load-bearing structure, the thermal insulation and building services installations in one massive layer. Frameless glass panes are set flush with the outer surfaces, not even rain gutters compromise the clear geometric shape.


How did the architects manage to solve these demanding details while at the same time meeting the requirements of building physics? How were the planning and construction processes for this innovative building organised?


Matthias Bauer, principal of MBA/S Matthias Bauer Associates, Stuttgart, will provide information on these questions in the second lecture of this year’s series „The Making of Concrete Poetry“.