The Making of ICONSIAM – total transparency

Christoph Bauchiger I Seele

13.10.2021, 7 PM
HS 1, Oskar Kokoschka Platz 2


The luxurious all-glass facade of the shopping center ICONSIAM in Bangkok consists of a 5,300 m² complex suspended facade system. For the zigzag-shaped facade, maximum transparency was to be achieved by means of minimized stainless steel fasteners. For structural reasons, the system was suspended from the top of the building. The facade consists of glass panes and glass fins up to 24 m high. The laminated, toughened glass fins accommodate not only the wind load but also the entire dead load of the glass units. Christoph Bauchinger will report on the challenges of oversized glass formats during production, transport and installation and how the stability of the overall system was achieved. He will describe the development and construction of this curtain wall system, including structural concepts and tests.
Christoph Bauchinger has been working as a façade professional for more than 10 years and has successfully completed large scale projects worldwide. He now works for the internationally renowned company Seele, which specializes in steel-glass constructions and all-glass designs, and heads its Austrian engineering department .


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