We offer four Building Construction courses (seminars) for students of architecture. They are taught integratively, i.e. associated with “Architectural Design”. After the lecture part students deepen their knowledge by applying their acquirements to their own studio project.



„Raum & Konstruktion“ and „Plandarstellung“ are primarily intended for students of Industrial Design. We strongly recommend combining them, because the small architectural objects which are designed in two full-day workshops of „Raum & Konstruktion“ are the basis for the exercise part of „Plandarstellung“. „Raum & Konstruktion“ is also recommended for students of architecture who want to brush up basic technical knowledge.

Design topic 2012/2013: Biwakschachtel

Design topic 2013/2014: Parasitäre Architektur

Design topic 2014/2015: BaumRaum / tree house

Design topic 2015/2016: Liebeslaube / love nest

Design topic 2016/2017: wandelbares Microhaus / convertible micro house

Design topic 2017/2018: Tea house > Special Event: Japanese tea ceremony

Design topic 2018/2019: + Raum / + space






Geschichte und Theorie der Landschaft / History and Theory of Landscapes is open to students of all disciplines.



Karin Raith: Wednesday 1-2 pm

Anja Jonkhans: Wednesday 1-2 pm

Franz Sam: needs to be arranged individually (please contact via sam@sam-architects.at)